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The language selector

The Language Selector enables you to switch all text shown in Arena's user interface to the selected language. It displays a row of national flags, where each flag refers to the national language of that country.

Language Selection Panel

  • English English (United Kingdom).
  • Swedish Swedish (Konungariket Sverige).
  • Danish Danish (Kongeriget Danmark).
  • Finnish Finnish (Republiken Finland).
  • Polish Polish (Rzeczpospolita Polska).
  • Czech Czech (Češka Republika).
  • French French (République Française).
  • German German (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

One or more of the languages listed here may not be available in the version of Arena that you are using. Other languages may be added that are not shown here.

Switch language

  1. Locate the Language Selector.
  2. Click the flag for the country which uses the language you would like to use in Arena.
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