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Log in and log out

Certain features of Arena are only accessible when you are logged in to your Arena user account. For example, Media Basket content is only stored if you are logged in. This article explains how to log in to and log out of your Arena user account.

Log in

You may only log in if you have an Arena user account. To create an Arena user account see User Accounts.

Login panel
  • Keep your login details secure. Make sure that nobody can see your password or PIN as you enter it.
  1. Locate your library membership card, and locate on it your library membership number and PIN.
  2. Use your web browser to navigate to the Arena Welcome page.
  3. Locate the Login panel.
  4. In Username type your user name.
  5. In Password type your PIN.
  6. Click Sign In.
  • If the log in is successful, the Login panel will become the Hello panel, where a summary of your account activity will appear. This includes details of reservations ready for pick-up, overdue loans, debts, and the number of unread messages.
  • If the log in is unsuccessful, the Login panel fields will clear, so you may attempt to log in again. The Login panel fields also clear as a security measure, so that if you leave Arena at this point, your login details remain secure.

Log in at a shared computer

If you are logging in at a shared computer, do not allow the web browser to store your user name and password/PIN. When entering your user name and password/PIN, if the web browser offers to store the information, you should decline.

If your user name and password/PIN are stored in the web browser of a shared computer, you should change your password/PIN as soon as possible.

  • When you have finished using Arena, make sure you log out. This prevents anyone else from using your Arena account.

Log out manually

You may only log out in if you are currently logged in. To log in see above.

Account Summary Panel
  1. Locate the Hello panel.
  2. Click Log out.
  • If the log out is successful, the Hello panel will become the Login panel, where you may log in.

Log out automatically

Arena will log out an account after a predefined number of minutes of inactivity (usually set between 15-60 minutes). This secures your account in case you leave the computer without logging out of your account.

  • When you have finished using Arena, always log out manually. Do not leave your account logged in, as it may be used by someone else before Arena has logged you out automatically.
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