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Author guidelines


  • Choose a single topic for your article, or focus on the item you are reviewing.
  • Try to write in a balanced and interesting way.
  • Write in the most appropriate language. If you are using Arena in Sweden, then Swedish may be the best choice for your article.
  • Keep it friendly. Avoid patronization and conceit, as these will alienate readers.
  • Pay close attention to spelling and grammar. A misplaced letter can change the meaning of a whole sentence.
  • Do not litter your writing with exclamation marks!!! or question marks???
  • Avoid writing in CAPITALS. If your words need extra emphasis, try using more emphatic words.
  • Keep your sentences short - try to have no more than one clause (usually marked with a comma) in a sentence.
  • Refer to the reader directly - "you may agree" is more engaging than "the reader may agree".
  • Group related sentences into paragraphs.
  • Avoid using abbreviations, slang or text message shorthand that other Arena users may not understand.
  • End with a closing point that relates to your opening point.
  • Balance your argument. A one-sided rant is likely to irritate readers.
  • Try to learn from the way that magazine and newspaper articles and reviews are written.
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