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Arena transforms your library membership into a whole new experience based upon sharing and interaction. It enables you to form friendships around shared interests, join discussion groups and online activities, or set up and host your own for others to join in. It combines information from libraries, clubs, archives,societies, records offices and special interest groups, integrating related resources in new ways that open new avenues of friendships and interests for library members.

You may submit and share your views and reviews of any library stock, and even create your own library. For example, if you run a sailing club through Arena, you may build an extensive library of sailing-related books, DVDs, pictures, plans, and records for the club.

Arena also enables you to search combined resources in one simple search, rate library items, read and write reviews, or join discussions hosted within Arena.

By creating an account in Arena, you can take full control of your library membership, arrange and manage loans and reservations, manage fees, and more.

Of course, all this exists around the library. You may use Arena to search the library, find out where items are kept in stock, and arrange loans or reservations.

The Arena screen

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