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Main articles

Some articles are available only to certain logged in users.

Main help wiki articles

About Arena help wiki

The Arena help wiki is designed to help you get the most from Arena, by providing articles featuring information, instructions, tips and tricks for every part of Arena.

The help system you can add to

The Arena help wiki is unlike any help system you have used before. Most help systems work like electronic books. The Arena help wiki works like this too but, just like Arena, it also allows you to contribute your own articles and comments. As with Arena, the wiki is actively administered by staff to ensure that this free and open system is used sensibly and productively.

We can help each other

This unique approach to helping you with Arena enables you to share your discoveries with other Arena users, build your knowledge, and help us to improve our products and services.

  • Some content is available only to Arena administrators. If you are an Arena administrator, we recommend that you log in to the Arena help wiki, so that you may access all the content available to you.

Arena help wiki facts and figures

Today's date: Tuesday 19 January 2021 (GMT)

Users: 21 registered users, 11 administrators.

Edits: 3,900

Last updated: 17 03 2010 (edit ID: 3072)

More facts and figures


Arena complies with the following standards.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative The Swedish Administrative Development Agency

Arena, in its default form, complies with Verva standards. If Arena is customized, it may no longer meet Verva standards. To learn more see Swedish Administrative Development Agency website

To learn more about W3C AA see W3C website


To learn more about MediaWiki see the MediaWiki website


To learn more about Liferay see the Liferay website


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Links for working with MediaWiki

Arena help wiki is built using MediaWiki software. This section provides links useful to Arena help wiki sysops. If you are not an Arena help wiki sysop, then you probably will not need to use these links.

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