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(Profile, personal information)
(Profile, personal information)
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===Edit your account profile===
===Edit your account profile===
#Locate the Click Edit.
#Locate the '''Profile, personal information''' panel.
#Click '''Edit'''.
#Edit the information as required.
#Click '''Save''' to save the changes, or click '''Cancel''' to cancel the changes.
==Profile, card information==
==Profile, card information==

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Each Arena user account has a profile which includes details of account activity, loans, reservations, payments, messages, and settings. You may view and work with your profile at any time.

  1. Click the Profile tab. The profile page will open.

The screen is divided into several panels.


Profile, personal information

Profile 1.png

This panel provides information about you from your library membership record.

Edit your account profile

  1. Locate the Profile, personal information panel.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Edit the information as required.
  4. Click Save to save the changes, or click Cancel to cancel the changes.

Profile, card information

Profile 2.png



My debts and payments

My messages

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