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A tag is a word or phrase associated with one or more catalogue records. It is used to link together related catalogue records in a way meaningful to Arena users. For example, classic novels may be linked together by associating them with the 'classics' tag.

Tag Clouds

A Tag Cloud is a panel which displays frequently used tags added by Arena users. The most frequently used tags are shown in a larger font. By clicking on a tag in the cloud, Arena will find all catalogue records which are associated with that tag.

Tag Cloud

There are three types of tag cloud:

  1. Inspirational tag clouds. These show the most popular tags used. This is the most commonly used type of cloud.
  2. Discovery tag clouds. These show tags related to a search result. They are displayed in connection with the current search result. You may then use the tag cloud to make related searches.
  3. Global tag clouds. These contain tags from the central service irregardless of whether the title exists in the local database. This type of cloud is not often used.
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