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A user account enables you to contribute to Arena. When you have logged in, you may access the online catalogue, check what you have on loan, renew or reserve items, or see what we have in a range of subject areas. You may also search for local clubs and organizations, or contact service providers to get the help when you need it.

Create a User Account

Any member of a library which has Arena, may create a user account.

1.Use your web browser to navigate to the Arena Welcome page.

2.In the Login panel, click 'Create new account'.

3.In the centre panel, click 'Create an account'. This will begin the three-step account creation process.

4.Read the membership rules. If you accept them, tick 'I accept the agreement'. If may only create a user account if you accept the membership rules.

5.Click Next.

6.In 'Library Card' type your library card number.

7.In 'PIN Code' type your PIN.

8.Click Next.

9.In 'Nickname' type the name by which you wish to be known when logged in to Arena.

10.In 'Password' type your preferred password. It must be at least six characters long.

11.In 'Password Confirmation' type your preferred password again. This ensures that you have not mistyped the password.

12.Click Finish.


9.In Password type


11.Click Finish.


Modify Your User Account

Close Your User Account

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